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Lovely Sights About me

Lovely Sights is here to help you locate and travel to beautiful places to visit in India.  My aim is to provide you all necessary information and tips to help you relish and enjoy your travel,  based on my vast experience in journeys around India .

My first travel as a new born baby was a steam engine train journey from Kerala to Calcutta, a distance of around 2500 KM which took more than three days. Since then, my passion for traveling has taken me to several beautiful places around India. This include major cities like Delhi, Calcutta and Madras and several remote areas including those in the distant and mysterious North East.   This has helped me build up a treasure of experience which I am offering you in the form of useful travel information and tips.

My service background of working in offices and embassies relating to tourism and travel has provided me insights into the issues related to travelling especially in India.