Nandi Bull of Mysore

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This enormous Nandi Bull statue is more than 350 years old and can be seen on the way to Chamundi Hills in Mysore, Karnataka, India. The statue has been carved out of a single black stone boulder. It has a height of 16 feet and a length of 24 feet and is considered to be the third largest Nandi Bull statue in India. This is one of the landmarks of Mysore.

Nandi bull is revered as the animal god which carries the supreme Hindu God Shiva. You can find an idol of Nandi Bull in front of every Shiva temple in India. Nandi is always seen facing the Shiva idol in these temples. However in Chamundi the Shiva temple is behind the bull statue.

Mysore Maharaja Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar constructed this idol of Nandi Bull in the seventeenth century.  The Bull God is depicted here in a sitting position and the posture shows that it is about to get up. The expression in the face is that of of vigilance, alertness and watchfulness.

Nandi Bull temple of Mysore can be reached by taking a small detour on the way to Chamumdeshwari temple on top of Chamundi hills.

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