Divine Procession of Devi

Here are some lovely sights of divine procession of Devi (Goddess) of Manappullikavu temple in Palakkad City.Lovely Sights Divine Procession of Devi India - Lovely Sights Lovely Sights of Kerala  Tourist places of Kerala temple rituals temple Procession Palakkad Manappullikavu Kerala temples Kerala India Hindu rituals Goddess procession elephant procession Divine Procession Devi decorated elephants

On the last day of the yearly ten-day long temple festivities of Manappullikavu, the Deity of Devi is taken on a divine procession around the streets in the localities near the temple.  The procession usually lasts for around two hours. The Devi is taken around accompanied by a number of adorned elephants, drummers, dancers and decorations.  The households along the route of the procession offer bananas and food for the elephants and drinks and sweets to those accompanying the Goddess.  Thousands of devotees line up the route of divine procession and seek blessings of Devi. Continue reading “Divine Procession of Devi”

Guruvayur – famous for its Guruvayurappan Temple

Importance of Guruvayur

Guruvayur is a small town in the beautiful land of Kerala.  However, it is very prominent for its ancient and important Shri Krishna Temple, which is fourth biggest temple in India in terms of number of people visiting per day. According to the legent, the idol was brought here from Dwaraka by Vayu Deva and Brahaspathy, before the city was destroyed. Hence, Guruvayur takes its name from Guru (Brahaspathy) and Vayu (Vayudeva).

How to reach Guruvayur Continue reading “Guruvayur – famous for its Guruvayurappan Temple”

Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur temple is considered by devotees as the abode of Lord Vishnu on earth (Bhoomi Vaikundam). The form of Divine idol here (Guruvayurappan) is the one which was revealed to Vasudeva and Devaki, during birth of Krishna. The beautiful idol of Vishnu in this temple is shown wearing Tulasi garland and his divine arms holding Pancahjanya (Conch), Sudarshana Chakra, Kaumodaki (mace) and lotus. However, the Meshanti (Chief Priest) and other priests create various different magnificent forms of the divine every day using sandlewood, decorations and ornaments. Devotees at large prefer to visualize the deity as  Krishna in his childhood (Balakrishna). Continue reading “Guruvayur Temple”