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  • Seven Tips for your Kerala Trip

    A trip to Kerala is the ultimate experience for anyone who enjoys travelling. Kerala is the land with a thick green canopy of tropical vegetation, peaceful and serene backwaters, beautiful beaches with mesmerizing sunsets, Western Ghats mountain range with pristine tropical forests and numerous rivers and waterfalls. For those who love people and culture, there are several heritage sites and festivals. These seven tips for Kerala trip would make your travel to Kerala a happy and satisfying one.

    1. A capable carriable camera

    To capture and preserve the lovely sights of Kerala, you need a high end camera which you can easily carry in your pockets or in a belt pouch. So, my first tip for your Kerala trip would be to carry a small but highly capable camera. As a person who had been carrying different types of cameras during my travels, I would advise you against carrying heavy SLR cameras on your trip to Kerala, unless you are a professional photographer. You may find it difficult to protect the SLR from rain, due, humidity and sand and it would be easy to lose it in the crowd. Also, at several places, you may end up paying extra for photography and for taking videos in a apparently professional camera. What I would suggest instead would be to use a small but highly efficient camera some of which which possess features even better than many high end SLR cameras. Due to its diminutive nature you can carry it around taking photographs and videos without anyone taking offence.

    2. Cloths for tropical climate.

    Except for a few hill stations, the climate in Kerala is hot and humid throughout the year. My second tip for your Kerala trip would be to wear white or light colored cotton cloths which would be ideal to protect you from the sun and bear the climate. Clothing with minimum body exposure would suit for your Kerala trip as it would protect you from mosquitos and insects. For ladies this would protect them from disapproving stares as they are generally expected to dress modestly. Men can travel around wearing any casual comfortable dress. Apart from Indian dresses, it would suit women to wear jeans or leggings with preferably long tops.

    Dress for temples

    In case you intend to visit temples, many of the traditional ones adhere to strict dress codes. For men a white or light colored mundu is a must and except for a veshti they are not allowed to cover the upper part of the body. For women, Mundu veshti set and saree are the preferred mode of dressing. However most of the temples these days allow women to wear salwar kamiz set though they may sometimes be asked to wear a mundu over it. Western dress is not allowed inside most of the temples.

    3. Power bank for charging your mobile

    This is an important tip for your Kerala trip. Though less frequent these days, you can expect power outages in Kerala anytime. Power bank is something you would miss dearly at those times. Also, when you are travelling around, you may not find many convenient places to recharge your mobile or camera. A good power bank would come to your rescue al these times. Also keep a power adapter suitable for 220-240 V power supply in Kerala.

    4. A lightweight folding Umbrella

    Another useful tip for your Kerala trip would be to carry a light folding umbrella. Kerala is a land of abundant rainfall. It get heavy during May to November period. A good folding umbrella would help in avoiding getting drenched. The umbrella would also protect you from scorching sun when it is not raining. A folding umbrella is better than a raincoat as you can conveniently carry it around. You can get one in the local market also.

    5. A good eBook reader

    During your trip to Kerala, you would find a lot time while waiting in Airports and during travelling from place to place. Also, if you are planning to stay in houseboats to enjoy the famous backwaters of Kerala, you would have lot of time in your hand as these boats are moored between 6 PM to 8:30 AM. You can utilize this time to rekindle your reading habits. A lightweight e-book reader like Amazon Kindle is ideal for this purpose. Kindle will also help you to unwind, when you relax in your cottage or houseboat. Fast Wi-fi facility is available almost every place you stay in Kerala which would help you to download books and fully utilize your Kindle.

    6. A sturdy waist pouch or bag

    My next tip for Kerala trip would be bring a sturdy waist pouch or bag. Since you would be doing a lot of travelling around Soaking in the lovely sights of Kerala, it would be prudent to carry your identity documents like passport, money and Smartphone with you at all times. A good pouch, which you can attach to your waist or belt, would be ideal for this . You can select a pouch would have space even for a camera like Sony RX100. You can misplace a handbag but a waist pouch will cling to you always.

    7. Coronavirus precautions

    This is an important tip for Kerala trip. While travelling around in Kerala, you need to strictly adhere to the Covid related guidelines issued by the Government and local authorities. Always carry your vaccination certificate when you travel around. Keep adequate number of N-95 face masks and disposable hand sanitizers to protect you from all communicable diseases.

    For specific information on visiting Kerala Temples please read Kerala Temple Dress Code and Traditional Temple Rituals

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  • Kerala Temple Dress Code and other traditional rituals

    Kerala Temple Dress Code – Why is it different?

    Hindu temples in most of the parts of India, do not enforce strict dress code and allow the devotes to visit in modern, casual dress these days. On the other hand, Kerala is a land which is steeped in traditions. Therefore, prominent temples here strictly follow the Kerala temple dress code. Only those people wearing dress accordingly are allowed to enter the temple. The brahmins and priest of Kerala are known for maintaining age old traditions based in Vedic ethos and the Kerala temple dress code is part of this tradition . The temple authorities of Kerala are hence reluctant to adopt to changes with the times.

    Kerala temple dress code for men

    Most of the traditional temples do not allow men to enter wearing pants, jeans or any modern dress. Even Kurta Pajama, which is considered traditional dress in North India, is not allowed inside these Kerala temples. Men have to wear white, off white or saffaron Mundu or Dhoti when they enter the temple. Devotees of Lord Ayappa can enter temples wearing black or dark blue Mundu. Generally men are not allowed to cover their upper body inside the temple. However, an Angavashtram or Veshti can be wrapped around your upper body if you do not want to display it. You can get these using following links

    Kerala Temple Dress Code for Women

    For women, many temples in Kerala have relaxed the dress code, these days, to allow wearing of Salwar suits, which fully cover their bodies. The dress women can wear include Sarees, Salwar suits, Mundu with veshti and Pavadas or long skirts covering legs . Kerala temple dress code is not enforced on small or baby girls. Jeans and modern dress is a strictly not permitted. Any type of dress with body exposure is also not usually allowed. Some prominent temples even ask women to wrap a Mundu over their Salwar suit.

    Temple rules in Kerala

    Following are generalized guidelines for you to follow when you visit a Kerala temple. Please note that the norms, rituals and traditions change from place to place and temple to temple but generally most of the temples adhere to the following norms.

    1. Take a bath and wear clean cloths before going to the temple
    2. Do not wear chappals while entering the temple. Keep them at the designated places
    3. Some temples do not allow you to carry mobile phones and also remote car keys.
    4. Except for small purses or handbags you cannot carry anything inside some prominent temples
    5. Women usually avoid entering the temple during their periods.
    6. Do not touch the Sacrificial stone or any idols inside the temple.
    7. Do not touch the temple poojari or any brahmin doing puja and even the one who is giving you the temple prasadam. If you do so, they have to take bath do cleaning rituals.
    8. Take adequate care while taking babies or small children inside. If they desecrate the temple by urination or otherwise, you may have to bear heavy expenses for cleaning rituals in addition to causing inconvenience to other devotees.
    9. Wear a mask and carry vaccination certificate.
    10. Please note that many temples in Kerala do not admit non Hindu

    If you are planning to visit Guruvayur or Mookambika, you may like to read the posts on Guruvayur Temple Dress Code, Special Darshan and Information and Mookambika Temple Dress Code and Information

    Wish you a happy temple trip and divine blessings!

    Covid Restrictions

    You are expected to strictly follow the  COVID guidelines issued by Government and Dewaswom applicable at the time of your visit.

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