Mookambika Temple
Mookambika Temple
Importance of Mookambika Temple
Kolloor Mookambika Temple is among the most important temples in Southern India especially among Keralites. as the the Devi here is revered to be the embodiment of Tri-Moortis (Siva, Vishnu and Brahma) and Tri-Devis (Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati).  The swayambhu Jotirlinga (self manisfested idol) here is known to have a golden line cutting it into half, the left portion representing the Tri-Moortis and the right half being the Tri-Devis. In addition, a Panchaloha (five-metal) idol of Devi Mookambika is also installed inside the sanctum.
A major portion of the devotees visiting this temple is from Kerala. According to the legend, Mookambika Devi appeared before the Saint Aadi Shankara and he wanted to take her to Kerala to install her there. Devi asked him to continue his journey and she would follow him on the condition that he would not look back at her. When they reached Koloor, Aadi Shankara suddenly stopped hearing the noise of Devi’s anklets and so he looked back. Devi stopped there asked Aadi Shankara to build a temple for her there.  
Dress Code at Mookambika Temple
Due to its strong connection with Kerala, the dress code prevailing here is similar to the dress code in majority of temples in Kerala.
Men are not allowed to wear any clothes other than a dhoti and underwear for entering the inner temple. Upper portion of the body can be covered with a white cloth called veshti. Shirts, pants, jeans, Bermuda, lungi, vests, pyjamas and kurtas and not allowed inside the inner temple.
For women, western clothes such as  frocks, pants, jeans, short and revealing dresses are not allowed inside the temple. The preferred dress is the saree. If wearing salwar or choodidar, you may have to wear a dhoti to cover it before entering the temple.
Mookambika Temple Timings
In the morning, darshan is allowed from 5AM to 1:30 PM. However, darshan is stopped from 7:15AM to 7:45 AM, 11:30 AM to 12:00 noon, 12:20pm to 12:45 PM for performing rituals.)
The temple is closed from 1:30 PM to 3 PM.
In the evening Darshan is from 3 PM to 9PM
For detailed timings you can visit the temple website
How to reach Mookambika
The nearest city and airport is Mangalore, which is at a distance of 100 KM from Kolloor. It takes almost 3 hours by car or taxi from Mangalore to Mookambika.  Buses also ply frequently between Mangalore and Mookambika (Kolloor). The nearest main railway station is Mangalore. But some trains which goes through Kongan railway stops at Mookambika Road / Baindoor between Mangalore and Karwar.  Private taxis, autorikshaws and other vehicles travel continuously between Mookambika road railway station and Mookambika temple. While travelling to Mookambika, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the western ghats.

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