Hi, I am Gopal Krishna! I am presenting my best photos and videos in these collections. (Please click on the photos to view inside the collections)

Silent Valley National Park
Parambikkulam wildlife santuary
An evening scene at Malampuzha Dam
Photography, Digital Photography, Visual Effects
Mookambika Temple, Dress Code, and other Information
Mookambika temple, How to reach Mookambika temple, Dress Code for Mookambika Temple , darshan timings and other relevant information
Guruvayur Temple Dress Code and Special Darshan
Important information for those who visit Guruvayur Temple including dress code and how to avoid long queue.
Bull Festival (Kaala vela)
These beautiful huge decorated pairs of bulls are a lovely sight at the annual festival at the Bhagavathi temple Periyanampetta at Mangalam Kunnu, Palakkad district of Kerala state in India These mamoth idols of bulls are made of wood, cloth and hay are part of the Kalavela which is performed as an offering to please the Goddess. These heavy idols are carried by the devotees in processions and the groups compete with each other in making the decorations attractive. Bulls signify farming and the God's blessing for the bounty of nature.
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